About writing and getting started


I decided to start writing a blog.

So here it is.

This blog is about entrepreneurship, arts, my life as human being, and other things that are important to me.

When i took the first steps into my entrepreneurship i decided not to limit myself in any way, and i will remember that also in my writing.

I have wrote a lot but i dont feel like i am “real” writer. Many times i feel like my typing is unclear and the words bend in my head into a form that only I recognize as words and understand them.

But I wont let that bother. I just write because I want to. And I’m open. Because that’s what I am.

I’m also going to write about painful things if I feel like it. I’m tired of the idea of ​​what’s worthwhile and pop to say right now, and what is not. If I want to write shit, I write shit. And today it is not even as bad word as, say, ten years ago, which I think is a good thing. But it also has a place for it and I don’t think it’s everywhere.

My soul is currently crying for freedom in every cell of mine and I am going to listen to it. So I also write freely. I feel very lucky to have a great group who offer me support. Support also creates the freedom to do things that are vital to your soul.

Friends, family, and colleagues who give me the strength to do what I love, give me also a sense of freedom and confidence that my sometimes absurd actions and decisions are important. Whithout their support I probably wouldn`t have made the decision to become an entrepreneur.

The power I have received and hopefully will continue to receive from them, is invaluable. I experienced a lot of uncertainty as the decision to start an entrepreneurship circled in my head and eventually thanks to the people around me, I finally decided to seize the opportunity and started building an entrepreneurial mentality and my own business. However, in my own terms.

I realize I am very privileged to be able to choose what I do, and it is possible. Unfortunately, not everyone has this. So I’m also really grateful for that. Thank you to all the family, friends, colleagues and supporting people for supporting me so far. Here you can now follow the thoughts revolving around my head about the things I do and experience.

So we’ll hear you soon!

Delicious spring and a wonderful May Day!

-Weera Riina